Overcoming COVID-19 in Early 2020: Keith’s Story

Stories@Gilead - March 09, 2023 - 1 min read

Early in 2020, Keith Prowell was making the most of his retirement in New York and staying active with swimming and tai chi. But as reports of a new, unknown virus started spreading, he began not feeling well.

“I started to feel like something was off and didn't know whether it was a cold or a flu or this new thing that was out there called COVID-19,” recalls Keith.

Keith was instructed to isolate himself from his loved ones, including his wife and son. While in isolation, his breathing became labored. His cough grew worse and he was pale and weak. Concerned, Keith went to urgent care and was soon transferred to the hospital, where he tested positive for COVID-19.

People were dying and the numbers were going up every day. I wondered if I was going to be a part of that statistic,” he says.

While in the hospital, Keith was offered the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial for an antiviral therapy. He began receiving treatments right away and soon his breathing and speech improved.

Once he recovered, the experience left him inspired to spend more time with his family and to be fully present with those he encounters.  

“When you come to a point that you feel like all of that would be lost overnight, you gain a deep appreciation of the little things that you go through every day,” says Keith.

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