Gilead and Kite Present: Episode 4 – Delivering Possible

Stories@Gilead - March 17, 2021 - 1 min read

Even under the best circumstances, logistics requires precision and adaptability to be successful. Factor in a cargo of live patient cells, and things become even more critical. A year ago in March, as the pandemic took hold across Europe, severe travel restrictions were implemented – increasing these challenges. 

In the latest episode of our ongoing “Possible” series, we hear from Pieter van Hengel, Senior Manager of Supply Chain, Order Management and Logistics for Kite. Pieter, who earlier in his career worked to get food and supplies into war-torn areas, says he has never faced anything as tough in his career. He and his team worked to overcome constantly disrupted supply chains, limited flights and border closings, ensuring that daily shipments of live cells remained on schedule and that the critical needs of people with cancer were met. 

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